Food Safety in Lethbridge

Lethbridge First Aid is the best provider of food safety training you will find in Lethbridge, Alberta. We offer trainees a variety of training programs, not just in food safety. We also have high quality programs in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation; whatever you training and certification need, we have it at Lethbridge First Aid. If you are a prospective trainee, you can visit our website for our training program’s complete details – specifically training fees and schedules.

How do I sign up for food safety training?

Once you’ve visited the Lethbridge First Aid website and seen all the programs we have available, you can use the online form (on the same website) to sign up for a class. The form is available 24/7, so prospective trainees can sign up whenever they are available. All requests sent through that form or via e-mail will be processed during our business hours.

You may also call or visit our training location if you want to enroll in person. Either way is highly encouraged.

What will I learn in a food safety program?

The food safety program at Lethbridge First Aid was created according to the Alberta public health act on food regulation. The program covers safe food handling, from preparation to storage. Safe food handling prevents food products from becoming contaminated  with dangerous substances such as pathogens. Pathogens are infectious microorganisms which can cause disease when ingested by the body – as is the case with foodborne illness.

As a trainee of food safety, you will not only learn how to prevent foodborne illness, but also it’s causes, risks, and how it affects the human body. We train our students to be very well-rounded, so we focus on both knowledge and skill-building.

Are all food service workers required to take food safety training?

According to the public health act, there are two stipulations to getting food safety training. First off, food service workers are not required to be certified and trained in food safety. However, food establishments are required to have a certain number of employees trained in the program.

  • If there are five or less employees working during a shift, at least one employee (either supervisor or a direct food handler) trained in food safety and sanitation has to be present.
  • If there are six or more employees working during a shift, at least one supervisory staff member trained in food safety and sanitation has to present.

So while workers are not required by law to train in food safety, they may be asked by their employer to sign up for the program and get a certificate.

Getting started: Food establishments covered by the public health act

The Food Regulation public health act of Alberta requires the following establishments to follow the stipulations regarding food safety: bakery, bars, butcher shops, cafeterias, caterers, convenience stores, delis, food trucks, restaurants, social care facilities, work camps. The follow are not required to have employees trained in food safe: bed and breakfasts, convenience stores with food prep, market stalls, facilities that handle pre-packaged food or low-risk foods like candy, and temporary booths.

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