Food Safety Certification

Food handler and food safety certification are designed for candidates that require certification that meets current health laws passed by the province. Candidates enrolled in these courses will receive training in a variety of different food safe practices including food handling, storing, preparing, sanitation and hygiene. These course vary by province but essentially offer the same level of training, length of training, certification and cost. To register for a food safety, food handling or a FoodSafe course in your area select your location from the side or main menu.

Registration with Food Safety Certification:

To register for a food safety course select your location from the side or main menu. Once you select your location you will be directed to one of our training partners in your location. Registration can be completed online with simple, secure and convenient registration systems. Our training partners offer the most comfortable, convenient and lowest priced food safety certification courses in your region.


Once candidates successfully complete the course candidates will receive a food safety, food handling or FoodSafe certificate that is does not expire. Candidates may be required to re-certify based on health inspector requirements. Certificate is issued as either a wallet sized card or a wall mount certificate. Food handler or food safety certification meets provincial legislation standards for your region. Depending on your location your name will be added to the provincial registry.

Course Length:

The length of the course varies depending on your region. The majority of provinces require candidates to attend a food safety or food handling course that is approximately 8 hours in length. This course is typically completed within one day, however, providers offer courses in two, four portions. Candidates in Alberta must attend AHS provincial certification courses for food safety that take two, 8 hour days to complete.

Course Cost for Food Safety Certification:

The cost of a food safety, food handler or FoodSafe course varies depending on your location. Cost ranges from as low as 55 dollars to as high as 125 dollars. Average cost of the course is 70 dollars.

Course Content:

Candidates will learn a variety of different food handling, preparation, storing, cooking and freezing techniques. Candidates will also learn sanitation techniques and hygiene. Candidates will also receive information on microbiology and food poisonings.

 Private Courses:

Our training providers, located throughout Canada, offer private courses for you or your business. To inquire, book or schedule a private food handler, food safety or FoodSafe certification course select your location from the main menu or side menu.