Food Safety in Nanaimo

Why there is a need for Food Safety in Nanaimo? Food safety training and certification is part of the British Columbia Public Health Act on Food Premises Regulation. According to this act, a food establishment must have at least one employee with FOODSAFE training per shift. If that person is absent, the owner or manager has to ensure that another certified employee is on duty. If you work at a food establishment, you are not required by law to get FOODSAFE training. However, your employee may require you to get trained because of the BC Public Health Act.

Why do I need to take FOODSAFE training?

The burden of foodborne illnesses kills over 2 million people each year all over the world – and that’s just for diarrheal diseases. When food is not prepared or handled correctly, it can cause the spread of gastrointestinal disorders, especially dangerous among children. This is why the guidelines on food safety and certification are so strict in Nanaimo.

What is the FOODSAFE program?

The term FOODSAFE is part of the Public Health Act, used to refer to all food safety training programs in British Columbia. There are two levels in the training program, the first a prerequisite for the second. The Public Health Act only requires first level FOODSAFE training for food handlers, while the second level is meant for administrators and managers of food establishments.

What is the course content?

  • FOODSAFE level 1 training is targeted towards first-line food handlers – workers who handle food directly such as waiters and cooks. Cashiers in food establishments are likewise encouraged to have level 1 training. Food handling and sanitation are the major topics involved in this program. (8 hours)
  • FOODSAFE level 2 training is targeted towards administrative staff, meaning workers who do not directly handle food but are responsible for staff management in the food establishment. Managers, executive chefs, and other similar job types are encouraged to take this program. (12 hours, level 1 training is a prerequisite)

Classes can be taken in a classroom set-up (face-to-face), online (virtual classroom), or by correspondence. You can sign up for a training program that fits your needs; we have a variety of them available.

Do I need to take a refresher course?

Certificates expire after five years from the date of they are first issued. Trainees who FOODSAFE credentials are approaching expiry and need to be renewed have an option of signing up for a refresher course at our provider for food safety in Nanaimo. Refresher courses are only 3 hours long and are not confined to students with expired certificates. If you feel that you need an update on food safety, you can take a refresher course. They are, however, required if your training credential is approaching or is expired.

What materials are included in the course?

If you enroll in a FOODSAFE program with us, you will be given a FOODSAFE workbook. Different work books are available for different levels of training, all included in the training fees students pay before starting class. Workbooks are available in a variety of languages – English, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

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