Food Safety in Surrey

What is the importance of Food Safety in Surrey? Food safety is one of the most important aspect in the food industry. There are strict guidelines when it comes to keeping food safe for mass consumption. Different training programs are offered all over Canada, for people interested in learning about food safety and becoming certified for getting trained. If you work in the food industry, either in administration or actually handling food, it is important to know the guidelines used in British Columbia.

Our training provider for food safety in Surrey bases all offered courses on the guidelines set by the BC Center for Disease Control and the BC Regional Health Authorities. We offer different levels of training for food safety, as well as certification for each program.

Food Safety Certification

Food safe certification training is available in two kinds of programs: (1) food safe level 1 and (2) food safe level 2 courses. These courses called ‘FOODSAFE’ are required by the BC Public Health Act. Level 1 training is designed for front line food service workers, primarily people who handle food. Level 2 training is designed for food administrators, or people who don’t directly handle food but should be aware of the dire of the guidelines in food safety and service management.

Why learning food safety is important

Guidelines for food establishments are very strict because of the health implications poor food handling. Dangerous bacteria and other microorganisms can be eaten by customers and cause a foodborne illness if the food is not stored, prepared, or served adequately. This is why food servers and any one who comes into contact with food and its preparation need to take some form of FOODSAFE training.

FOODSAFE level 1 training focuses on handling, sanitation, and work safety. First line food service workers include cooks, servers, and dishwashers, to name a few. These are the workers who directly handle food, serve food, or clean up after. Food safety training plays an important role in preventing the transfer of dangerous microorganisms that can cause foodborne illnesses.

A British Columbia Health Act called the Food Premises Regulation requires all food service establishments to have at least one employee in every shift to have a FOODSAFE level 1 training certificate, or an equivalent course.

How long does training last?

FOODSAFE level 1 is an eight-hour training program, offered in a classroom set up or online, through a virtual classroom learning experience. All needed workbooks are included in the program, as well as the certificate that the student is awarded with upon completion of training.

FOODSAFE level 2

Unlike the first level training that focuses on safety in food handling, level 2 training is for the administrative staff of food establishments. Management is the main topic included in the level 2 training, perfect for owners, managers, executive chefs, and employees who are responsible for overseeing the entire establishment.

How long does training last?

FOODSAFE level 2 is a twelve-hour training program, and similar to the level 1 program, it is available in a classroom set up or online. In order to sign up for level 2 training, the students needs to have taken FOODSAFE level 1 beforehand. Again, all workbooks and certificates are included in the training program.

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