Food Safety in Kelowna

Training for food safety in Kelowna is available at our provider in Kelowna, British Columbia. We offer our programs based on the guidelines set by the BC Regional Health Authorities and Center for Disease Control. The guidelines require food establishments to have employees who are certified in FOODSAFE, a program the trains workers on food handling and sanitation. According to the BC Public Health Act, at least one worker per shift has to be certified in FOODSAFE.

How To Contact Kelowna First Aid for Food Safe Training

Use the following contact information to contact this provider for training and workplace approved certification:

Customer service representatives are available during regular business hours to help with registration. On-line registration is also available.

Why are food safety guidelines so strict?

The burden of foodborne diseases is a growing problem faced by millions of people all over the world. One of the biggest complications of a foodborne disease is diarrhea; it kills approximately 2.2 million people each year. The poorest countries are hit the hardest, because of a lack of access to health care and clean food and drinking water. The burden is expect to get even bigger due to growing food and water scarcity problems.

FOODSAFE Frequently Asked Questions


FOODSAFE is the name of the program for safety training by the BS Public Health Act. The program’s first level covers food sanitation and work safety, focusing on foodborne illnesses and how to prevent them. Topics include food storage, preparation, service, cleaning, and sanitizing – all skills that first-line service workers (workers who handle food) should have.

The second level of FOODSAFE is for administrative staff, focusing on the administrative side of food service and management. This level of training is targeted towards managers and owners of food establishments.

How long will training last?

There are three kinds of courses – level 1, level 2, and refresher courses. They vary in terms of program length, with certain courses being prerequisites of others.

  1. FOODSAFE level 1 – 8 hours long
  2. FOODSAFE level 2 – 12 hours long, prerequisite – FOODSAFE level 1
  3. Refresher – 3 hours long, for renewal of FOODSAFE credentials or service workers looking to update their skills and knowledge

Will I need to renew my certificate?

FOODSAFE credentials have a validity period of five years. Certificate holders can update their skills through a refresher course (previously mentioned). There is a test given at the end of the program that the student has to pass to get recertified. The passing grade for the exam is 80 percent.

What if I lose my certificate? Is there a way to get a new one?

If you have lost your FOODSAFE training certificate, you can request a new one from the Kelowna Health Authority. Just give them a call, send an e-mail, or even visit the office in person and inquire about certificate replacement.

Do I need to purchase additional training materials?

Training materials such as workbooks are all included in your full payment of the training fees. If you wish to purchase additional materials, such as an extra workbook, you may do so from our provider in Kelowna. We also offer our workbooks in various languages other than English, so simply inquire about your preferred language from the trainer or staff before the start of classes so we can accommodate your request.

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