Over 10 million Canadians are ill from food-borne illnesses every year. Most individuals do not report the illness or contact their doctor when ill so many do not get recorded. By enrolling in a food safe course you will learn to prevent the spread of disease and reduce the chances of anyone becoming ill from a food borne illness. The two available courses, food safe level 1, and food safe level 2 are available through Vancouver First Aid which is the leader in food safe training in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Contact Information

To register for a food safe course in Vancouver use the contact information below.

This training provider is located in East Vancouver with plenty of parking and other amenities. Great access to public transit is also available. For more information about this training providers location and directions check out the Google Map posted below.

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Course Cost

The cost of a food safe level 1 course is 60 dollars and the cost of a food safe level 2 course is 110 dollars. Both fees include taxes and certification fees.

Who is required to take a Food Safe Course?

The following candidates are required to successfully complete a food safe course in Vancouver.

The operator / owner of a food service (including packaging, preparing, handling, serving, etc) must complete a food safe certification course (or equivalent).

If the owner is absent from the food service establishment (i.e. Restaurant) one employee must be present in the establishment that has a food safe certificate.

Many employers require that candidates applying for a position at the food service establishment be certified in food safe.

What Types of Courses are offered at Vancouver First Aid?

Vancouver First Aid offers both FoodSafe level 1 and level 2 courses. These courses are offered at a number of different training facilities throughout the Lower Mainland. To register for a course with this provider you can fill out the contact form below or contact them using the information provided above.


Candidates that successfully complete the course with a minimum grade of 70% on the multiple choice exam will receive a food safe certificate that does not expire. Some candidates may be required to renew certification as requested by a health inspector. Please hold on to your certificate in a safe place once you have received your award. You information will also be placed into the Food Safe database for verification purposes.

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