This page is dedicated to the frequently asked questions about food handling, foodsafe and food safety certification courses.

 Who needs food safety certification?

Most employers in food-service, hospitality and care-giving industries require employee’s to have this certification and strongly recommend candidates to have this certificate prior to applying for a position. Most people that prepare food for the public and food-service managers are required to have this course. Check with your provincial regulations or city by-laws to determine the regulations in your region.

Can I challenge the exam?

Yes, most provincial regulations allow candidates to challenge the exam. This can be done on-line or through our training partners.

What’s the difference between foodsafe, food safety and food handling certifications?

Every province has there own provincially regulated program for food handling and safety. They are all essentially the same programs with the same goals in mind. However, not all of them of called by the same name.

Are the courses difficult?

No, most candidates do not have a difficult time passing the course. Most courses have a combination of lectures, discussions, slides and videos. Most providers require candidates to complete a simple multiple choice examination that includes approximately 45 to 70 questions. Candidates are required to complete the test with a minimum 70%.

How long is the course?

It depends on the level of certification and the province you need certification in. Most candidates are only required to take a course that is 8 hours in length. Some regions require a two day course.

Can I schedule a private course?

Yes, our training partners offer private courses for you or your business. To book a private course select your location from the side or main menu.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You will be participating in activities that require you to move around so it is important that you are comfortable.

When does my certificate expire?

Your certificate does not expire. Some provinces can request candidate to retake the course based on recommendations through a health or food safety inspector.