Food Safety in Edmonton

Edmonton First Aid in Alberta is one of the best sources of food safety training. We actually have a variety of training programs for you, from food safety to first aid. Our food safety programs are quite popular because of the quality of training we make available to trainees and the very affordable rates. The Alberta Food Regulation act describes a food safety training program, specifically on sanitation and hygiene. Our food safety programs are tailored according to this act, producing students who are trained according to standards set in the whole province.

How to Contact This Food Safety Provider?

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What will I learn in a food safety program?

Food safety is a concept that governs proper food handling – from preparation to storage and service. It focuses on sanitation and safety in order to keep food free from contaminants such as pathogens and chemicals. Pathogens are microorganisms that can cause disease, such as foodborne illness (FBI). Chemicals like pesticides can end up ingested if produce is not washed properly.

Food safety programs in Edmonton First Aid also teach students about the common signs and symptoms of foodborne illness. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain and cramps are typically found in most FBIs, making it hard to identify a specific disease based on clinical symptoms. Diagnostic examinations are available in identifying specific pathogens and substances in the body.

Prevention is the third and most important concept in a food safety training program. We teach students how to handle food at home and in different food establishments. Dishwashing is one of the major concepts of prevention, since poorly cleaned dishes can cause the spread of a pathogen or chemical among different customers. Similarly, properly cleaning and storing meat and produce are other important concepts part of the program.

How can I enroll in a food safety course?

Food safety programs are offered at Edmonton First Aid through the Alberta Health Services. Accredited institutions also help maintain the standard of food safety in Edmonton, such as the NAIT and SAIT. Our website has an enrollment form that you can fill out with your personal and course details. It is available all day so you can sign up for food safety training whenever you are available. Similarly, you can enroll through e-mail, telephone call, or in person.

What does the Food Regulation act require?

The Food Regulation act requires food facilities to have at least one employee trained in food safety. The trained employee can be absent if only five or less are working on the premises at one time. However, at least one should be present if there are six or more employees working. Facilities that are covered by this act include: bakeries, bars and lounges, butcher shops, cafeterias, caterers, convenience stores, delis, food trucks, restaurants, social care facilities, and work camps.

Getting started: Mold

When food is left out too long, it can either spoil or grow mold. Mold can release toxins which can be dangerous to the body. Mold can grown on acidic food like fruits and sugary food like jam. They thrive in moist environments with a good air supply.

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